feedback and complaints

This guide will help you to give feedback and/or make a complaint.

Giving feedback or making a complaint:

Giving feedback means sharing with us what you liked and did not like from your experience with Edie’s Place. If you are unhappy with your experience with Edie’s Place, you can make a complaint.

Who can give feedback or make a complaint?

Anyone can give feedback or make a complaint.

You are welcome to give us feedback anonymously; however, we may not be able to respond to complaints that are given anonymously. We welcome you accessing help if needed and having a support person with you throughout the process of giving us feedback or making a complaint.

Making a complaint:

Our aim is to provide our clients and community with meaningful services, and where we fall short of this, we welcome honest conversation and the opportunity to work together to continually improve our services. Edie’s Place will respond to any complaint with a genuine desire to understand and resolve the concerns raised. We are committed to providing you a safe space in which feedback and complaints can be expressed, heard, and responded to confidentially.

To give us feedback or make a complaint, you can contact us in a few ways…

PO Box 4059, Kogarah Bay 2217

Ph: 0406253387


If you are still not happy with us, we can let you know who else you can speak to.

Our complaints process:

We will let you know in writing that we have received your complaint within 3-5 days of receiving it.

We will try to resolve any complaint within 28 days. Where possible, we will let you know where things are up to with your complaint throughout this process.